The Southborough Senior Center provides the town’s seniors with a variety of activities, services and events. This website is designed to familiarize you with many of our scheduled programs and also to provide information that may help you in everyday life. There is also access some other interesting informational links.

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  • Mon.-Fri. 8:30am to 3:00pm

If you would like to speak to a staff member, share information or have any questions or concerns, please call our center at 508-229-4453. We hope you enjoy all the benefits this website has to offer.



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Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone, As I write this for our Nov/Dec newsletter, it is only mid-October. At this point we are still in a strange place w/ Covid and planning events for the fall and winter months. Based on many discussions with the Board of Health and with seniors, we are taking a middle of the road approach on what we plan and what capacity we should have for participation.

Basically, we will keep our schedule going but do our best to leave enough space for people to spread out and maybe open a window or two. Please bear with us as we are trying to accommodate everyone.

Also please be respectful of others. If you don't feel well please join us on another day or call us if we can assist you in any way. With cold and flu season in addition to Covid please visit another day if you have any symptoms. We all appreciate your cooperation in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

Hope to see you soon,


NOTE: Please sign up for all programs starting on Monday, October 31st. Register for programs by calling (508) 229-4453

Friends of Southborough Coucil on Aging Donation Form

As the our Annual Golf Tournament ended last year, we still rely on support for all of the events and programs the Senior center provide for the community.

We are greatly appreciative that Jimmy Falconi and Falconi Energy have committed to donate five cents of every gallon sold at the Falconi Pit Stop on Tuesdays. We are asking you to again consider making a contribution to help support our efforts.

Please concider a donation - download this form...and thank you

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Medicare Questions?

Certified SHINE counselors are still here to help!

Confidential phone counseling is available on all aspects of health insurance to anyone on Medicare.

Or call the Southborough COA at 508-229-4453 to make a phone appointment.

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